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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  January 17, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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everybody's on board with the school. >> reporter: only nine schools are in the turnaround program. it's a long list of things here. city schools say the program is about coming up with better way tools punish nonviolent behavior. it's another day at calverton. students, teachers and staff talk about different things. today it's about friends or bad influences on your life. they're hoping to change behavior before it gets out of hand. more importantly, they want students to be in a classroom. she is the prince amount of she said, yes, there are bonuses for teachers and staff but she said the real bonus is when you have a school in one of the most examinationed neighbor --
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challenged neighborhoods. if they want to be here, they're not going to act up. >> truancy decrease are factors. you want the students here. you want them to want to be here. that's what this is b how can your -- this is about. how can you make them want to be here. >> reporter: the teachers union president said a lack of suspension concerns her. almost daily she rereceives emails from teachers who are frustrated with students who violate the school of conduct and nothing is done. some deserve suspension. she said by in the suspending students, it sends the message that you're not being punished. we're saying that bad language and being respectful to others is okay. meantime, at calverton green, they have reduced suspensions
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and grades have improved but they will suspend if they have to. >> the code of conduct is always followed. teachers are continuing to report these be i'ves. what i found teachers doing more rather than writing an officer referral, they're owning how they support the consequence. >> reporter: green says this year principals are not eligible for any bonuses under this prarnlings something she whole heartedly agrees with. out of 13 turnaround schools that were in the program last year only two schools including two were eligible to reef any bonus. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. let's take us south. this is in the blue ridge mountains. we saw a lot of snow down there. >> we are getting our share of colder temperatures. let's check in with
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meteorologist wyatt everhart in the most accurate storm center. a lot of activity on that radar. >> we'll show you that winter green shot. first, want to show you where the action is. it has stayed south. further south, south of d.c. although there are showers impacting calvert county and the lower eastern shore, mostly mixed rain showers and a little bit of radar return further north but we can't find anything on the ground. there's the hot zone. the pink counties is where we have washings, an advisory for the southern tep of the state. this is where the big action is, out in the mountains of western virginia where winter green is. you can see heavy snow bands. in maryland, most of the moisture staying dry. a lot of this is evaporating on its way down. a few showers south and east. we'll talk about how things will
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change big time. wait until you see next week. it's all coming up. now to the breaking developments in the trial of john leopold. a big shift in the misconduct trial. leopold left after giving up his right to a trial by jury. help wouldn't answer any of our questions. now retired howard county judge done nips sweeney will determine leopold's fate. we were there as the jurors were dismessed. >> it would have been an interesting case but the man made it -- will have a fair trial. >> so opening statements are scheduled for 9:00 tomorrow morning. it will take four days to argue the case. now to the update on breaking news we told you yesterday at 5:00. a witness told police they
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believe a trooper was cut off by another driver. investigators are asking anyone who may have witnessed the crash to give state police a call. a baltimore city teenager is arrested for impersonating a city schools police officer. the student was arrested twice. the student apparently dressed in a security union form and had a police badge. the teen worked at a store near the lexington market giving the impression he was a city schools police officer. police would not confirm the charges but they released a statement saying the damplet of juvenile services and state's attorney's office are handling the case. we are calling the law involving pitbulls an inherently dangerous breed. it creates the presumption that a dog owner should know whether his or her pet is likely to present a danger. that shifts the burden from the
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victim to prove the dog had a tendency to be violent. the rule made landlords liable. they would only be loy bell if they know or should have known a dangerous dog was being housed on the property. some doctors and drug stores have reported limited supplies of the flu vaccine. 2,000 people have come to the emergency room with flu-like symptoms. it's working with the county to try to contain the outbreak. >> reporter: get the flu mist, the flu shot. we have adequate supply of both. protect yourself. you protect yourself. you protect your family. there are other strategies that i like to emphasize. hand washing. that is important. if someone is ill, stay home
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from work. >> the health department is offering it friday in the county council cammers -- chambers. >> we're staying on top of this flu outbreak. so you're sneezing. how do you know if you have a cold or the flu. linda so breaks down how to tell the difference. >> reporter: you have a cough, runny knows and congestion. is it the cold or the flu. if it's the flu you may feel fine one hour but it may go downhill the next. >> you can get abrupt onset of a fever, severe cough, joint aches, muscle aches, chest discomfort. you can have a teak up to three weeks. >> reporter: the difference between the cold and flu can be subtle but if you can get to a doctor as soon as flu symptoms
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start, you'll feel better. >> if the symptoms are caught within the first 48 to 72 hours, medicine can be prescribed that can reduce the duration of the symptoms or reduce the severity. after about 72 hours, though, those medicines are not effective. >> reporter: if you haven't gotten your flu vaccine yet, it's not too late. >> it takes about two weeks are for the full immunity to kick in. it's really not too late. >> reporter: for the elderly and young kids, their pill union system isn't as strong. >> with young kids, the complications can include rest story systems, even pneumonia. so it's important to see the doctor. >> reporter: the best way to protect you and your family is to follow good hygiene. >> when you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth, wash your
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ands,. >> reporter: exercise helps, too. >> you can find everything you need to know at, like how to recover fast from the nasty virus and when it's okay to go back to work. you can find the answers right on our home page. you know, we've been hearing a lot from the ravens but it's time for another outstanding player to respond. >> this year's bel air student of the week. >> afternoon hunger pains. we'll explain how to steer clear of those extra calories.
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four years from now we will be saluting him becoming bel air honda student athlete of the week. >> i plan to be a commissioned officer in the marine corps four years from now. >> he's fast on his feet with a quick mind already made up about how he wants to run his life. >> when i came into high school, i wanted to make a difference in people's lives as well as my own. >> his own life took a sad turn when he lost his mom. >> i pushed myself to do my very best. >> one of his very best is his older brother. dillon does everything well. >> he's a good athlete.
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he works hard at it. it's that natural bbility -- ability to lead others. >> he's president of the class, team cap ten of the cross country squad and runs indoor and outdoor track. he collects canned goods and toys for those in need. he's one of those outstanding young mean a candidate for the united states naval academy. i love having a positive impact on their lives and it starts in the classroom as well as the track and field. >> once he gets set in his mind this is what i'm going to do, help doesn't stop. >> he sees honor, duty, loyalty, civic pride, courage. he's this week's bel air honda student athlete of the week. if you know an outstanding student athlete, we'd like to
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hear from you. you can nominate someone to be the next bel air honda student athlete. >> the ravens are one game away from the super bowl. >> yeah, but they have to go through new england again to get to new orleans. >> the ravens will practice today and tomorrow and leave for massachusetts on sunday. patriots coach bill belichick was raised in annapolis. new england -- >> bill might not run a certain play against us at all that he has son for the last three weeks but will run a play or pass based on something they have seen on film that they think is a weakness. >> it's for the afc championship. we're going to get ready for
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round two. back to round two. we'll have live team coverage and get you pumped up to pound the patriots. it starts at 7:00 right here on abc2. you note feeling. the workday isn't over yet and you're already hungry. would' talking about the importance of feeling full or satisfied. by doing that you can steer clear of those empty calories. >> reporter: temptation is everywhere and it comes in many shapes and sizes. so how do you stop yourself from ghifg. >> when you're trying to lose weight, it's important to stave off hunger and feeling full longer can help you lose weight. >> reporter: the dietitian said the key to this is, in one word, balance. >> if you're getting the right combination of nutrients, your car bow high drats, fiber, it helps you to feel more satisfied
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and that can help you eat fewer calories. >> reporter: experts recommend proteins from foods leak fish, mean meats, chicken, begins, nuts, tofu or greek yogurt. >> whole wheat is one option. you can try whole rye. brown rice versus white rice or a new are grain gibing quinoa. >> reporter: like mom said keep your veggies. they can keep you from thinking about food all day. for today's health minute, reporting. nothing more than a few flurries, but the real action toward cambridge, some mixed showers here just northwest of salisbury. through the night this is the
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part of the state that could see more winter weather. we're seeing it in fredericksburg, virginia. most of it has trended further south than we anticipated. we knew this would be south of the baltimore. here's where it is coming down. in roanoke, virginia, showing a real snowy scenario for southwestern virginia. in winter green, a popular skiing spot, it's coming down heavy and steady. we'll take you on the eastern shore. it's been rain showers with a little bit of snow and sleet mixing in. we have sleet reports in ocean city. 40 right now at bwi, so air temps stay above freezing. air temps won't support if sticking. our winter storm continues for areas south of maryland. the bluenty, that's
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for calvert county, st. mary's and charles. temps close to freezing. here's the overall setup. as we go through the nighttime hours we'll see more and more of a changeover to snow. cold air will continue to come. to the south the moist air funneling in. the snow is coming down with the high elevation. north of us, there is some cold air that will wrap into the system as it blows out. we'll be stuck in the mid to upper 30s. a colder friday and mild per weekend -- milder weekend. what about boston or foxborough. kickoff is 6:30. temperatures falling. below freezing by the fourth quarter. high teens with winds gusting to 35. could impact the long field
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goal. could be tricky. tonight down to 29. tomorrow 38, more sunshine and cold one tomorrow night in the upper 20s. here's the outlook. you see the mild sunshine. next week that arctic blast rolling in. it relly has some -- really as some teeth. so brace for that. >> abc2 as you covered from all angles. >> meteorologist mike masco. >> what's it looking like? >> we had a couple flurries the last time we chatted. the flu -- tell me what's going on in your neighborhood. there are flurries in bel air. john saying sleet coming down. nothing in dundalk. certainly expecting a few flurries, not a big deal. let's talk about the upcoming pattern. it's going to get really cold. let's take a look what it's been
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over the mast several weeks. it's been about a zone hall jet stream. all the air has been pushed from the east -- west to east. that has locked all that true canadian air toward the north. there's a change. there's the arctic blast. watch what happens as it crashes down. first new england's problem sunday in time for the game and our problem in maryland as we go into maryland. can we get a storm that comes from the gulf of mexico and comes up the coast. there's nothing showing that but climatetology tells us when you get a ridge near the pacific ocean, usually you drop storms out of the rockies, it needs to happen sooner than no we're on the drought side of things. we'll watch the pattern. it will be an active pattern the
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end of january. we're going to get cold over the next seven days as wyatt showed you. back outside. it's cold. cold day tomorrow. we'll have that brief warmup but here comes the big chill. that all starts by monday. i just saw another flurry. there are some flurries. >> how many more? >> two. >> that's not bad. >> get that kid a hat. all right. right after world news, stick around for an all new episode of the list. we have a sneak peek. >> it's a real show stopper. we go on the set of the new everyman's theater. that's coming up on the list at 7. >> here's what's coming up tonight on abc2.
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before we go, here's a look at what we're working on. >> what do dryer sheets, cat food have in common? you can get them in one place. that's tonight at 11. >> ping the milk and a mortgage. >> real quick, take a look down south, wintry showers. the lower eastern shore could get in on more showers. we'll keep an eye on it.
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>> we'll be back. have a good night.
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